With no evidence to back up their claim, the U.S. has decided to blame Syria and Moscow for the most recent chlorine gas attack near Damascus. Such accusations are a dangerous attempt to bring the world closer to another Great War, this one between the U.S. and Russia, the world’s two biggest nuclear weapons powers. Have we not yet learned the lessons of Iraq? Wasn’t it enough that our neoconservatives and war hawks like John Bolton drove the intervention and destruction of Iraq, destroying a nation, its people and its cultural heritage?  Are we not now looking at a bogus Weapons of Mass Destruction claim all over again with mass media led by the NY Times and the Washington Post broadcasting these accusations as fact without skepticism or any investigation of their own?

When will there be some accountability for our military industrial complex, their political lackeys and media enablers and promoters? Will we the people continue to be the complacent, uninformed public to whom our leaders can pitch yet another war while we yawn and agree even when that new war is being launched in our name?

Investigative journalist Rick Sterling, writing on April 10th in Consortium News, suggests we review some historical facts about the lies our leaders have perpetuated to get us into war.

“The invasion of Vietnam with over 500 thousand US soldiers was preceded by a phony Gulf of Tonkin incident where a US ship was supposedly attacked by a North Vietnamese vessel.

“The 1991 attack on Iraq and subsequent massacre of Iraqi soldiers and civilians was preceded by the fabricated testimony of the Kuwaiti Ambassador’s daughter pretending to be a nurse who had witnessed Iraqi soldiers stealing incubators and leaving Kuwaiti babies on the floor.

“In 2003 the US launched the invasion of Iraq leading to the death of over a million Iraqis based on the WMD lie and other fabricated evidence provided by the CIA and uncritically promoted by the mainstream media.

“In 2011 the US-led NATO attacks on Libya with the stated purpose to ‘protect civilians’ from massacre. Again, this campaign was based on lies and the real result was an explosion of extremism, a destroyed country and the killing of over 50,000 civilians.

“In August 2013, we were informed of a massive sarin gas attack on the outskirts of Damascus. The US asserted that Assad had crossed Obama’s ‘red line’ and the US needed to intervene directly. Subsequent investigations revealed the gas attack was perpetrated by a Turkish supported terrorist faction. Both Robert Parry of Consortium News and investigative journalist Seymour Hersh discovered the evidence and brought it to the public’s attention.

“In April 2017 it was the same accusations and despite strong evidence of fraud Trump ordered missile strikes on a Syrian air base which killed thirteen people including four children.”

As I wrote in The Syrian, “Wasn’t it true that the U.S. and its regional allies had decided that Syria should be dismantled, destroyed, and put in the hands of a puppet state amenable to U.S. dictates? Isn’t that what the U.S. had tried unsuccessfully to do in Iraq? Is it possible that such actions, if repeated often enough, eventually erode the global mechanism that strives to maintain stability and security through a balance of power based on legitimacy and responsible behavior? And if that is lost, what is left but a few powerful nations and wealthy individuals ruling and determining policy for their own greedy wants?”

 Isn’t this what we are seeing today? The neoconservatives and war mongers in concert with regional allies and jihadists trying to destroy Syria. In my forthcoming book Damascus Street, due to be published June 1 by Calumet Editions, I have a scene between the newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to Syria and a Lebanese intelligence agent.

“The goal here is to render Assad irrelevant,” said the Ambassador. “We deploy jihadists to capture and hold large sections of the country and make it impossible for the government to control the state. Our plan breaks the country into disconnected enclaves each ruled by an al-Qaeda affiliate.”

The Lebanese asks: “And you expect this to be done by a bunch of head-chopping jihadists?”

“No, they’re the fodder who will lead the charge. We’ll send in our Special Forces to do the heavy work and then initiate a country-wide no-fly zone.”

The Lebanese: “That’s still a tall order, especially if the army still supports Assad. And I don’t suppose Iran will sit idly by, or Hezbollah or the Russians for that matter.”

“Agreed, it’ll be a hell of a mess, but sometimes you need to do ugly things to make the right things happen.”

Again, the Lebanese: “But why turn Syria into another Iraq? Iraq had a highly educated successful middle class with good jobs, and now it’s a destroyed country.”

The U.S. Ambassador: “I guess it depends on what kind of world you want to have. The US wants to see a world where terrorists and their backers are defeated. We’re just trying to contribute to the greater good of the region.”

We now know that the U.S. has been working all along with ISIS, reincarnating them as yet another anti-Assad “rebel” force. And to succeed in their regime change agenda, the U.S. needed some measure of support from mass media Thus, the Weapons of Mass Destruction perpetuation all over again. It is the bad guys using chemical weapons on their own people while we the people are led to believe the Syrian government is so incredibly stupid that they keep using chemical weapons and giving the U.S. a justification to bomb their country.

This dangerous game continues to work because we the people are too busy and too overwhelmed by our own problems to see what our government is intent on doing—carrying out their long-term plan of regime change in Syria in an effort to weaken Iran and Hezbollah.

International lawyer Francis Boyle argues that the U.S. stands poised to strike Syria in yet another display of its unbridled militarism. “It is the unlimited imperialists like Alexander, Napoleon and Hitler who are now in charge. The serial imperial aggressions launched, waged and menaced by the neoconservative Republican Bush Junior administration, then the neoliberal Democrat Obama administration and now the reactionary Trump administration threaten to set off World War III Unless we the people stand up and insist on no more wars.

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